The #vansDIY promotion

The good people at Vans are conducting a very cool promotion at Myntra Fashion Weekend: visit their stall, tell them your shoe size, they will hand you a fresh pair of snow-white sneakers and you get to draw on them. This totally appeals to the kid in me who used to paint on any available surface as a teenager—my preferred surface was unused bathroom tiles.

And once you’ve finished your artistic masterpiece—they’ve got sketch pens, markers, and even some paints if you are so inclined—they request you to Instagram or tweet a picture of the shoes. Three winners of best artwork stand to win Star Wars-themed prizes.

Pictured below is my Instagram picture of the two shoes I drew on (the left shoe needed a bit more work, which I completed at home).

Oh and just in case this wasn’t already clear: you get to keep the shoes you drew on!