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Over the past few years, if you’ve even glanced at the beauty section of a blog–any blog–you will have encountered Moroccanoil. The sturdy amber glass bottle and the signature blue-orange packaging became very familiar to me, even though I had never actually used the product because it wasn’t available in India. Last week, I finally got to see the bottle, in the flesh as it were, in Mumbai at the launch of Moroccanoil for India. Beauty editors from various publications were treated to a demonstration of the line’s products by Moroccanoil Artistic Director Antonio Corral Calero. On display, apart from the argan-oil infused original Moroccanoil Treatment, were hair masks (Intense Hydrating, Restorative, Weightless Hydrating), Luminous Hair Spray, Hydrating Styling Cream, and Glimmer Shine.
We were given some products for review and I spent the last week trying them out.
Moroccanoil Treatment
The bottle opens to reveal a golden oil. It smells fragrant and is completely non-sticky/oily which is great given that it is really quite thick. It can be applied on wet or dry hair before styling.

I used it first on damp hair before lightly drying it with a hair dryer. My hair is very thick and wavy and after drying I used some oil again to tame stray strands. The oil absorbed very quickly, did not weigh my hair down and even left my hands feeling soft. I used it on the rainiest day we’ve had so far and then went out for a while. By the time I returned home a few hours later, my hair had become kind of big like it always does in the rain, and there was some of of the much-dreaded frizz. Day 2 however, was better. The product seemed to have helped my hair settle. It looked well-managed and there was shine for the most part. The thin halo of frizz would just have to be tackled with something else. (They have a frizz control product as well which I’m guessing is meant for this.)
Intense Hydration Mask

I dutifully left this on, as the instructions state, on towel-dried hair for 5-7 minutes and then rinsed. Then I half-dried my hair with a dryer and went out. Once again, it was raining. What normally happens is this – my hair looks really good when half-wet but as it dries, it starts to look very big and unmanageable. This product prevented that. My hair, when I returned home at night, was still a little big (I could totally be a country singer), but the mask had left it noticeably soft. It was contained and the waves fell in a nice shape. I was very pleased with how it looked. The next morning, it still felt soft and retained its shape even though I tied it in a ponytail for a bit.
Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

I used these to wash and condition my hair after I’d had a hot oil massage. Two washes with the shampoo was enough to get all the oil out (given that coconut oil is stubborn, this is no easy feat). The conditioner was thick and coated my hair evenly. I let it air dry and my hair felt soft when it was done.
This is really a first impression, rather than a full-on product review. I will have to use the products regularly for a bit to know how they work with my hair over time and under different conditions. I do believe the monsoon is the most difficult season for good hair in Mumbai, especially if it is wavy/curly like mine. So this is the best time to try treatments that promise relief.
I’m happy to have had the Moroccanoil experience after reading about it for years. I will be trying out other products from the line, especially the hairspray which they describe as being “hairspray for people who don’t like using hairspray”. That would be me, but when you have a head of curls that looks great and you want to protect it from Mumbai weather, you have to try something and this hairspray might just be it.
All Moroccanoil products will be available exclusively at salons starting July 2013:
Moroccanoil Treatment: Rs. 2430 / 100 ml
Intense Hydrating Mask: Rs. 2025 / 250 ml
Moisture Repair Conditioner: Rs. 1260 / 250 ml
Moisture Repair Shampoo: Rs. 1260 / 250 ml

Pictures of Antonio Corral Calero demonstrating looks styled with Moroccanoil products:


Cover photo/Event photos/Video: Elvis D’Silva
Product photos courtesy: Moroccanoil