Kérastase Elixir-Ultime 

This week’s hair product tip comes from San Francisco-based stylist/design student Ayesha Tellis whom I met a few years ago in Mumbai when we worked on a short film together. She recommends Kérastase’s Elixir-Ultime which was one of the products my hairstylist also tried to tell me about as I got a hair wash before my last haircut. I wasn’t really paying attention because my head was thrown back into the sink under the hot water and it took all my effort to keep my neck from seizing up. I see I missed out on what is clearly a really good product.

It isn’t cheap so it’s a good thing it’s multi-use – as a pre-wash moisturizing treatment, after a wash for deep conditioning, before styling for heat protection and after styling for frizz-control.

The impossibly golden bottle contains a mix of oils and the instructions indicate usage requires only a few drops each time. Available online and at Kérastase salons across the country. Consult the salon locator here.

Hugo XX

Ever since I learned that Christian Dior 1947, in all its tiny bright pink and diamond-encrusted glory, which I bought in 2003, was a limited edition perfume I have been sulking as if I would never again find a perfume I could wear regularly that was strong enough to make an impression but not so overpowering that it choked the air out of your lungs. Christian Dior 1947 was exactly this. I am happy to note that a worthy successor has been found – Hugo XX by Hugo Boss. It is not as exciting as 1947 (allow me that a scent can be exciting, I had just one bottle’s worth of time with it!), but XX is distinctive and full without a single sharp edge to the scent. This is a good thing. A few hours after application, it is still present in a slightly more mellow form and it works for both day and night wear. I’ve been wearing it for a few months now, and today I discovered the coolest thing – it is inspired in part by the aroma of basmati rice! Throw in a heart note of basmati with jasmine, top notes of black currant and lychee and base notes of amber and sandalwood and you have what makes for a really good solid fragrance. I knew a successor to 1947 would have to be something special – I picked Hugo XX on scent alone some time ago and now I know the secret. To the folks at Hugo Boss – please don’t let it be discontinued!


Dip-Dyed Hair

I can’t see this trend becoming a classic for the ages, but it looks like fun and is really enjoying its time in the spotlight. I envy the light-haired girls that can try it out. I have black hair and I have yet to see a version of the dip-dyed ends that works well for that. Here are three very cool examples of the trend: Dazed & Confused fashion editor Katie Shillingford shot by Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil.com, Lauren Conrad over at The Beauty Department (my favourite) and Charlotte Free for Forever 21’s Spring 2012 Campaign, .

Chanel and The Little Black Jacket 
Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld’s tribute to The Little Black Jacket by Chanel is on display at exhibits around the world. For those of us that aren’t in the vicinity of one of the exhibitions is the online version constructed with enough flair that the experience is more than one of just staring at images on a computer. Play with the picture navigation, watch the Making Of videos and then you have the images themselves, all black and white and moody featuring the jacket and some very beautiful people. Visit the website for the entire experience.


Photos courtesy: Ayesha Tellis, Hugo Boss, Forever 21, The Beauty Department, Jak & Jil, Chanel. All products were purchased or reviewed independently.