Going Off-Shoulder
I have very quickly become a big fan of the off-shoulder style. It’s more forgiving than the strapless (which works well only if you have great arms, shoulders, collarbone and neck), less tricky than the one-shoulder (which has to be beautifully constructed or it leaves you with fabric digging into your armpit or worse, a roll of armpit fat), and sexier than just a plain old sleeveless top. The off-shoulder is what you reach for when you want an easy, relaxed and feminine look without much fuss. Here are some great designs that we found:

The featured Off-Shoulder Red Striped Tee is by Alloy.
Rory Beca
Really cool lookbook for the Resort 2012 collection of Rory Beca, the line by California designer Rory Edelman. The photography and styling evoke the vacation photos of a casually beautiful person who dresses really really well even while on holiday. Not a pair of sneakers or backpack in sight. Just gorgeous clothes, interesting surroundings and the model doesn’t–as in most other lookbooks–look bored! Bonus: there’s a sale on their Resort line. Check it out here.


Osis Mess Up Matt Gum
I spent some time last Sunday in a makeup chair at a photo shoot for a fashion magazine as part of their story about singer-songwriters in India. I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out because the last time I was in a professional hair and make-up setting this is how it went – about 30 minutes after she was done, as we waited for the photographer to set up, the make-up artist walked by, looked at my face and said “Oh my god, did I do that?” She then hurriedly fixed whatever it was that scared her and eventually I just looked bland in the final photo.

This time was completely different. The hair and makeup artist was a lovely South African woman called Alet Viljoen who had a bedside manner that most doctors could stand to learn from. She was calm and patient, moved efficiently, and when she was done I was a bronzed and glowing version of myself. (I thought I could rock that look all evening, by the time I got home I just looked greasy and orange. That’s Mumbai weather for you!)

Of all the products used on me that day, the one that caught my eye was a hair product – Osis Mess Up Matt Gum from Schwarzkopf Professional. It added a nice texture to my naturally wavy hair and I would definitely buy it to experiment with some more.

I don’t want to post a crappy phone picture from the photo shoot. The story should come out in June and if I’m in it (magazines cut pages all the time because of space issues/ads/other things) I’ll post the final picture up for you to see. It was a fun afternoon anyhow!

Music To Put On Makeup To:
I have just discovered the sounds of Los Angeles band DWNTWN and they are awesome! Here is the song I first heard, their cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m On Fire. I just downloaded their mixtape and I know this will be a great soundtrack for when you’re getting ready for an evening out. Enjoy!

Stream their Midnight Ride mixtape here:


Photos courtesy: Alloy, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Rory Beca and Osis. All products were purchased or reviewed independently.