Ditch the t-shirt
I went to a fun party recently wearing my cool Threadless t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. I took my shoes off and sat around with my cool socks still on. It was around 40 degrees C outside and very quickly those of us that were similarly dressed realised that t-shirts and jeans are winter weather wear for India. My solution is to replace all my t-shirts with vests. Since I don’t want to wear the same three vests all summer, I have found an affordable option that lets me buy an entire summer’s worth without breaking the bank. These can be found on Colaba Causeway for anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 75. Sweet relief.

Experiments in Nail Colour
I remember the first time I tried on nail polish in a shade called simply – Nude. It looked so elegant on the perfectly manicured nails of the hand model. On my hands it was a different story. It rendered my skin an uneven gradient of brown and yellow and the nail colour itself looked washed out even though it looked great in the bottle. A lesson was learned – ‘nude’ is not a colour, it is a family of colours and thus began the quest for a shade of nude that would go with my very Indian skin. I am happy to state that I have found not one but two nudes that are excellent. I will buy them until they are promptly discontinued. Then I will weep.

OPI Tickle My France-y
This works well as both a one-coat and two-coat application. It lasts long and doesn’t chip easily. It is expensive (approximately Rs. 450 when I last checked) but worth it.

Maybelline Colorama Nude
This is not strictly a nude even though it is called just that. It veers strongly towards pink – but it looks delicate and pretty enough for when you want polish but not too much colour. Just one coat looks much lighter on application than in the bottle, and it dries with a fairly matte finish. Plus it is very affordable at under Rs. 100.
The Beauty Department Tutorials
I could write an entire blog post about how gorgeous this blog is but I’ll settle for linking to their very badass nail tutorials. It’s like an art, craft and beauty exercise rolled into one with a little precision detailing thrown in – ambitious but achievable thanks to their excellent step-by-step photo guides. Highly recommended.

Curly Girl Kitchen Beauty
The summer is driving my curls crazy, so last weekend I took the time to deep condition and used a hair mask made at home. After much trial and error I’ve found that of all the anti-frizz/anti-dryness remedies floating around, an avocado+olive oil hair mask works beautifully for my curls. It’s quick to whip up and washes off easily. I blended half an avocado with two teaspoons of olive oil. There are many recipes for variations of this mask that can be found online and you can try them to see which works best for your hair.

Steve Madden – Orange Suede Tabitha

The new collection at Steve Madden is worth checking out. They have a good selection of flats and sandals. What caught my eye is this bright set of heels. Very much of the season and a good pick if you want to splurge on only one item this month. I have to say the staff at the Steve Madden store in Palladium at Lower Parel is a pleasant change from those at a lot of other stores in the city. The girl who assisted me was friendly and helpful without breathing down my neck and she didn’t give me the evil eye when I left without buying anything. I will be going back when I’ve saved up enough for a pair of orange suede shoes.

You know who I think will wear this mad good temporary tattoo the most – people who are punctual! When their tardy friends finally show up, they will give them a stony stare and then point fiercely to their wrists. You are late. Love this design over at Tattly.com from Julia Rothman.

I discovered it on Le Blog de Betty, the style blog of the very cool Betty Autier from France.


Photos courtesy: OPI, Maybelline, The Beauty Department, Steve Madden, Tattly, Le Blog de Betty and Elvis D’Silva. All products were purchased or reviewed independently.