The style section has been quiet for a bit but only because we’ve been out there in the real world, doing things, experimenting with products and catching up on sleep after some crazy deadlines.

We spent a fun week in Delhi shooting Wills India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 for Vogue India. We shot five videos in five days and you can see all of them on Vogue’s YouTube channel.
This one is our favourite, check out Day 4:


Revlon High Intensity Eyeshadow Palette – Blissful Girl
Eye shadow wasn’t a part of my make-up kit until two months ago. If you’re a minimal make-up girl, you don’t just casually slap on some eye shadow and head out. It takes work and I had never encountered a product that justified the time you need to put in to make it look good. Until I encountered this 8-colour palette. I wasn’t sure I should buy it but it was the midnight blue colour that did me in. I’m happy to report that it is an excellent purchase.

The colour combinations offer two smoky eye options: brown/bronze and blue/black. The lighter colours work great as highlighters and just a standalone sweep of the champagne or light blue is great for a day look. The matte black is an excellent addition to this otherwise shimmery palette.

The colours are pigmented enough so you don’t have to layer too much. They blend well and smoothly, and come off easily as well. I really thought this would be another impulse purchase that I would rarely use but it turns out this was a good buy and perfect for the party season.


Maybelline Watershine Lip Gloss – Coral Sunset
If you’re looking to pair your smoky eyes with a neutral lip gloss, I’d recommend this one. It settles into your lips in a delicate pink/coral tint with just a hint of shimmer. It isn’t greasy and it lasts long.



The Body Shop Hand Cream – Spiced Vanilla
I love this hand cream because it provides excellent moisture for very dry skin but never becomes greasy or sticky. Plus, that smell! Very festive but very delicate. Just perfect actually and makes me think of the holidays every time. What are your favourite products this season? Let me know in the comments below.

All products were purchased or reviewed independently.