Keep track of all the new campaigns for Fall 2012 from one place. This helpful Pinterest link does the trick. One of our favourites features actor Joel Kinnaman for H&M shot by Jonas Åkerlund. The Killing may have lost the plot at the end of season 1, but I mean, wow. Mr. Kinnaman sure cleans up nice.

I sometimes like to imagine what really rich people must do with all that money. I’m sure my imagination is limited so I get excited when I think I’ll actually find an answer with a concept like Rich Kids of Instagram. A few dozen pictures of yachts, spas, oversized bottles of Dom Perignon later I was bitterly disappointed. It surely couldn’t be that one-dimensional and repetitive. Then I stumbled upon Luxirare, the webzine with the tagline “Killer clothes and fine cuisine”. It was like a door to another dimension had opened. In my opinion, this is how people could make luxury a part of their lives. They could learn how to make bags of laser cut leather, make shift dresses with princess seams, draw gorgeous all-black sketches exploring the different textures the colour can hold – and this is just the clothes part. In the cuisine section they would make scented almond milk, edible shot glasses, warm chicken salad served in a bowl that looks like a piece of art and the stunning edible crayons. I haven’t even skimmed the surface and I realize that my idea of true luxury involves a lot of work – but isn’t that what you would want to do? If you had money and time, wouldn’t you want to learn as many things as you could? Ah well, in any case, Luxirare makes an excellent case for active luxury fueled by imagination and power tools.

Check out one of my favourites by them. You have never seen a cheese-making video with this much mood. Oh, and the classical music in the video is actually performed by Ji, the founder of the site. She says, “I got some old recordings from recitals I played long time ago digitized into MP3 format. The piece is Toccata in E flat Minor by Aram Khachaturian. The gangsta rap sandwiched in between the two edited recordings is by MIMS ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’.”

How can you resist:


My first experience with Forest Essentials was at a hotel where I was booked for one night on a work trip. We had been on some crazy flight schedules through multiple cities, I was exhausted after a long workshop and I just wanted to crawl into bed. I struggled to stay awake, soaked my aching feet in a hot bath and poured some of the Forest Essentials Honey and Vanilla bath gel into it. It smelled heavenly and I was wide awake soon after just enjoying the scent and warm water. I took the hand lotion (also the same scent) home with me but it was a tiny bottle and got over quickly.

A few months ago when my sister and I were browsing through a mall, I wandered into the enticing Forest Essentials store and just generally tried to breathe in all the scents without looking like a crazy person. I didn’t buy anything that day but I guess my sister felt bad for hassling me out of the store because I had a birthday recently and her present to me was a beautifully wrapped package from Forest Essentials. The scent she chose was madurai jasmine and mogra and the products were a tub of body cream and a bottle of cold-pressed massage oil.
I love this gift. The cream is – there’s no other word to describe it – but creamy. Not sticky, not watery, just perfectly light and creamy. It moisturizes well and is delicately scented – you get a satisfactory whiff of the scent but it never overpowers.

I started on the cold-pressed massage oil a few weeks later (I don’t really have a spa type of lifestyle). The instructions were simple – heat a small amount of oil and massage. I used it on my legs and it was a revelation. Again, like the cream, it was smooth and light. Not oily, not sticky, not heavy on the scent and even though it’s so light it provides excellent coverage and moisturizes with only a few drops.

I was curious about what ‘cold-pressed’ meant so I looked it up on their site. They say: “The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is ‘Cold Pressing’. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn’t damage essential fatty acids. This has a very pleasant texture, is almost scentless, rich in protein as well as highly emollient, nourishing and fast penetrating.”

I’m not sure I fully understand the entire process but I can tell you that it sure feels like I (well, my sister) paid good money for something that is produced well.

You can explore Forest Essentials products here. If you use them, let us know your favourites in the comments section.

Photos courtesy: Forest Essentials by Elvis D’Silva for OneSmallWindow. Joel Kinnaman for H&M by Jonas Åkerlund.
All products were purchased or reviewed independently.