Under.me by Bar Refaeli
There’s no telling what will cause excitement at OneSmallWindow. This week it was the launch of a line of underwear by supermodel Bar Refaeli. There is this promotional video of her playing tennis in her underwear. Ms. Refaeli is very lovely (plus extra points for the nod to Rafael Nadal in the video) but the real excitement began when we explored the collection and discovered that it features a series of well-designed and functional BASICS. Yes, we are excited because there is not a hint of sparkle in sight, no outlandish cuts and colours, and no cheeky prints that make it embarrassing to hang out to dry. Just simple, well-designed basics that are – here’s the double punch – affordable! Thongs, bikini, boy shorts, sports bras, camisoles, t-shirts and leggings for the ladies, and boxers – with three length options – and t-shirts for men (in a cool touch, also modelled by Ms. Refaeli). Everything about the product – the website, the photographs, the actual items on sale – is clean, functional and really well-designed. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of well-made basics you know how hard they are to find and can understand our enthusiasm. Check it out at: under.me


Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme

It’s also too hot to subject your hair to the intense heat treatment that is needed to get it straight. Why everyone should have straight hair is beyond us, but that’s another discussion. Now is the perfect time to step away from the straightener and start working with the natural texture of your hair. I’ve been experimenting with products and techniques for years and have finally arrived at a combination that works well without much fuss. I will share these with you over the next few weeks and to kick things off here is our first recommendation – the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme. It’s simple – wash, squeeze out excess water (don’t towel dry), take a small amount product and work through hair starting from the ends and stopping before the roots. Adjust amount of product depending on your hair – it should coat it lightly. Use your hands to scrunch your hair up, twirl some strands for added definition and let air dry. Soft, lightly defined curls are yours in a few hours. I like this product because it is not heavy or greasy and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling strangely crunchy like a lot of other products too. The only downside is that I don’t know where it is available officially in India. It’s so good though that it is totally worth it to ask someone coming from abroad to bring you some. You don’t need to use very much each time so the bottle should last you a while. If anyone has a heads up about where Bumble and Bumble is officially available in India, please let us know in the comments section. You can buy it online here.


Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator
I favour the no-makeup look for the most part and when a product comes along that does its thing in a subtle manner I tend to want to run out and buy it all off the shelves to stock up for when it gets discontinued (you know how these things work). A few years ago Revlon had a range called Skinlights that worked like a dream. One small drop strategically applied on the eyelids, or high on the cheekbones and it illuminated the whole face without looking shimmery in the least bit. It was amazing and of course, soon discontinued. After all these years I think I may have found a substitute. It’s not a pure illuminator like some of Skinlights products were but it works as some kind of tinted moisturiser/foundation hybrid. It comes in three shades – Pink Light, Gold Light and Bare Light (which I bought). The packaging includes an applicator brush that to me seemed to waste product, so I just ripped it off. It comes off really easily and beneath is a small nozzle that allows you to better control how much product you apply. A few small drops blended into the skin are enough to add a nice healthy glow. It’s not as radiant as Skinlights was and it has just a little more shimmer but it’s the closest I’ve come to finding a product that adds radiance without becoming a tacky glittery mess. Totally worth the Rs. 850 price tag.

Esprit Look Book April 2012
Now that it is way too hot to even consider wearing jeans, we’re on the lookout for options and Esprit’s April Look Book throws up a few alternatives. Here are three looks that we could get on board and contain key pieces that can also be mixed and matched with other items already in your wardrobe.


MAC Hey Sailor 2012 Summer Collection
This new nautical collection from MAC will be launched in May 2012. We haven’t sampled the product but we’re really into the packaging and it features here purely for good design.


Photos Courtesy: under.me, Bumble and Bumble, MAC, Revlon and Esprit.