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Fashion, film and music are constantly in motion and when they collide is when the real fun begins.

KENZO and Nguzunguzu
Japanese fashion house Kenzo worked with LA-based duo Nguzunguzu to create an original soundtrack to their Fall 2012 runway show and you can listen to it below. We’ve filmed a fair share of fashion week shows now and if I must confess, I’d say a few days in, the clothes become a bit of a blur and I really begin to rely on the music to keep my energy up in that crowded, uncomfortable media pit. This is a really good mix and I’d have loved to experience it in the context of the fashion show.

Barbarella and Kylie
In 1994 MTV was still very new in India, and we approached every video with awe. So for girls and guys alike, watching Kylie Minogue float around (and slowly discard parts of) a bright pink space suit in the video for her single Put Yourself In My Place was, as we used to say then, “mind-blowing”. What a concept. It was only when E and I watched Barbarella a few years ago, the 1968 Jane Fonda cult film, that we realised that the Kylie video was inspired by the title sequence of this movie. Watch both and see for yourself.


Lisa Eldridge Make-Up Videos
No matter how many products you buy, learning how to use them correctly is a whole different ballgame and when you come across a really good teacher, you spread the word. So for those of you who haven’t seen her work, I present the British make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. I spent all weekend watching videos for all kinds of looks – everyday, exotic, party, no make-up, dramatic, and I don’t even wear that much make-up!

Eldridge is generous with her secrets and practical in her approach and very creative. This is one of my favourite videos – One Lipstick, Many Ways To Wear It.

Armed with all that make-up knowledge I am ready for a transformation. That’s still a long way away – but here’s one of my favourite transformations from the movies. Sweet, fresh-faced Sandy turns Danny Zuko to mush when he sees her in a brand new leather pants, curly-haired avatar.