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Marshall Monitor Black
Oh how I covet these!

I’m just being greedy. I already own a pair of Marshall Major Black headphones. I bought them in November, while on vacation, after wondering about the amazing-looking headphones I’d seen people wearing on the Paris metro. They sound as good as they look and I use them when I’m listening to music outside of work. Now it seems, I might be able to have a pair of Marshall headphones in the studio as well! Meet the newest member of their family – the Monitor Black. Check out all the specs and see more amazing photos of the headphones, pouch and box here. At 250 USD, they’re pretty affordable for studio-quality headphones.
NARS Satin Lip Pencil
I’ve become a big fan of NARS lip colours, as my ode to Terre de Feu clearly demonstrates. I now covet their Satin Lip Pencil collection, primarily because of this excellent campaign shot by Emily Weiss at the blog Into The Gloss.

I was going through the site and these sidebar mini clips kept drawing my attention away from the article I was reading. I love the spare design and the focus on the lip colour. Eventually, I stopped reading the article and just refreshed the page to see the various clips for each colour from the range.

If you don’t fancy clicking refresh repeatedly, here are all the clips (and the gorgeous colours) in one video:

Red Bull Catwalk Studio
We love music and we are getting to know fashion, so I was really excited when I stumbled upon this great find from Red Bull Studios that brings the two together. The project, Red Bull Catwalk Studio, brings together musicians and designers to create an original soundtrack, and film, for the designer’s new collection.

Here is artist Zebra Katz and designer Alex Mattson’s collaboration. It is NSFW because of the language.


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