We’re coming off our first season at Mumbai’s Lakmé Fashion Week and a bout of the flu, no doubt a side-effect of our extreme enthusiasm and interest in doing and seeing everything for eight days straight. It was an excellent experience being in the thick of all things fashion and beauty and capturing it all through photos and video.

For this edition of I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear, I wanted to bring together all my favourites from the season. From the clothes that were in the spotlight, to the supporting players – accessories, hair, and make-up – here is the hottest style of the season.


My favourite hair of the entire season came in a two-in-one package – it started loose and finished tied up. The first part worked as sexy tousled loose waves for designer Payal Kapoor’s gorgeous Indian wear.

Gorgeous curls at the Payal Kapoor show

This same style transformed into a very stylish messy braid for designers Mayank Anand and Shraddha Nigam whose collection featured beautiful Indian textiles in very contemporary cuts with an excellent use of colour.

Messy braid at the Mayank Anand & Shraddha Nigam show

I liked the hair because it had movement and body and it was very glamorous but not so over-the-top that us regular girls could never pull it off. It’s fairly unusual to see traditional Indian clothes paired with hair that is playful and a little messy. The most-used looks are the poker straight sheet-like style or exaggerated ringlets (bestowed on all the important female family and friends in an Indian bridal party). I really hope these beautiful natural-looking waves catch on at weddings. When the dancing leaves you sweaty just pull it back into a sexy braid. It takes two minutes and then it’s back to the fun. How could you not love this style?
Here’s a how-to from Clint Fernandes, the hair stylist who created this look at LFW: “We wanted scrunched hair with a lot of texture that looked young and natural, like a village belle almost. When you’re scrunching the hair use a product – either a mousse or a curl booster. Then use the scrunching part of the blow dryer and constantly keep crushing the hair as you’re doing it. The reason you need to have the product is so that the hair doesn’t look wiry and you don’t have strands of hair flying all over the place. The product keeps the hair in place. Then you can just make the loose braid with your hands and that’s it. It really is user-friendly and I think a lot of girls in India have hair texture like that so it’s not far away from reality.”
The idea of the brightly coloured lip is what I’m taking away from Ritu Beri’s dramatic show. The clothes were all lace, big prints and drama (props to showstopper Jesse Randhawa for seriously owning the elaborate dress she had to present) – but what really caught my attention was the choice to combine all that drama with a decidedly playful bright lip colour. Ranging from pink and orange to red, the colours made for really glowing skin (I know they are models, their base level setting is ‘glow’ but even so). It’s an easy look to pull off – ensure lips are well moisturized, create an even skin tone and finish up with a eyes lined lightly with black or brown liner.

Bright lip colour at the Ritu Beri show

Bright lip colour at the Ritu Beri show

My absolute favourite collection was Monochrome by designers Pankaj & Nidhi who closed the week sharing the Grand Finale with designer Kallol Datta. I had spoken with them earlier in the day and they were genial and lovely, but nothing they said prepared me for just how stunning the craftsmanship would be on the pieces they presented that evening. I stood at the back of the main show area handling two backpacks, smiling through gritted teeth as my feet were accidentally stepped on by the sweetly enthusiastic LFW crew girls enjoying the last show after a hard week’s work. The first piece from Pankaj & Nidhi’s collection came on and they had my full attention, cramped space and tired feet forgotten. I say it again, the cuts, drapes, kaleidoscopic patterns and textures displayed highly superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is one duo I will keep an eye on and I definitely hope to own one of their pieces in the future.

From the Monochrome collection by Pankaj & Nidhi

From the Monochrome collection by Pankaj & Nidhi

Designers Pankaj & Nidhi with LFW Grand Finale showstopper Kareena Kapoor

Here are pieces that caught my eye from some of the other collections at Fashion Week.

Payal Khandwala’s structured drapes from her collection Sadhu and the Samurai

Shivan & Narresh’s swimwear from the Equus collection as their interpretation of the DHL theme ‘Speed’

Sailex NG's metallic splendour

Archana Kochhar’s black and white halter gown from her Retro-metric collection

Yogesh Chaudhary’s electric Pac-man-inspired Miss Pac-in District collection

Stunning yellow showstopper by Drashta

Deepika Govind’s Pop Patola, a celebration of the Gujarati textile from Patan


Photos: Elvis D’Silva and Lakmé Fashion Week