Rocking Horse

Photography, illustration, painting, video and installations – that’s five reasons to visit this exhibition, currently on display at the beautiful Hermès store in Mumbai. If you’re a fan of all things luxe, chances are you’re familiar with the iconic French brand’s bags, belts and scarves. The exhibition highlights the interesting fact that before Hermès was a lifestyle company, it was an equestrian company, manufacturing harnesses and saddles.

On display are items from the Émile Hermès Collection as well as commissioned photographs, sculpture and a video installation. Some highlights:

– A late 18th century chiseled silver horse ankle bracelet from the Mughal period of India
– An illustration of a card game that became the inspiration for the first Hermès scarf print
– Replica of a rocking horse that belongs to the Hermès family
– Pêle-Mêle, an exquisitely intricate and detailed illustration by Philippe Dumas, a fifth generation member of the Hermès family, that features a staggering 500 horsemen. You could spend a long time on that one artwork alone, picking out the different varieties of riders featured.
– A 19th century fire bucket from England
– Silver Débridée bracelets from the contemporary collection (among all that history, this very chic piece of fashion definitely caught my eye)
– Ancient appliques for a fly mask from China, the Han period, with bronze and silver filigree work
– The video wall featuring two films by Émile Dumas that recreate what it would be like to take a horse ride through Paris during the day and at night. Watch for long enough and it becomes a first-person POV type of experience which is very cool.
– The exhibition booklet which features some beautiful equestrian illustrations by curator Philippe Dumas.

We also took some photos:

Papier Mâché horses


Rocking Horse close-up

Rocking Horse detail

Rocking Horse details

The exhibition is open to the public until the 30th of November, 2015.
Address: 15A Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai
Hours: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm