Slow Down Clown frontman Vitek Goyel and us go back, over a decade. And as with the connections one makes over the years, there are periods of losing touch with one another. But we’ve known about his band for a while now. sonaluna’s first live performance was as an opening act at Slow Down Clown’s gig at Not Just Jazz By The Bay – it was also the launch of their first EP.

On Wednesday the 7th of September 2011, we were witness to the band’s first gig at Blue Frog, definitely one of the premiere venues for live music in Mumbai (if not India). And the band rocked out.

It’s not too often that one has the pleasure of being present at the beginning of ‘something’. Watching this gig felt like one of those moments.

At Thrillpill Films we don’t have a mission statement—not one that’s set in stone anyway—but we know we’d like to be involved in documenting moments that could become part of our shared history sometime in the future.

And from that very gig, here is Say Nothing by Slow Down Clown.