‘Fat chance of remaining slim now with a variety of lip smacking tongue tickling Mexican Paletas’ – this is what it says on the flyer for Paletaz, the frozen popsicles that have become our absolute favourite summer dessert since we discovered them three days ago. We would have laughed, but by the time we read the text we had already consumed multiple frozen popsicles. Fat chance indeed.

Marketing spiel aside, the popsicles are a far cry from similar desserts of our childhood – bright orange ice lollies that we consumed every summer and gave up on when we realised it was essentially synthetically coloured  and flavoured frozen water. Paletaz uses a ‘100% natural ingredients, no colour, flavor or preservatives’ method and the difference is clear in the taste.

They offer fruit-based popsicles (containing large chunks of actual fruit) and a chocolate option made from what tastes like chocolate mousse on a stick. Flavours include Triple Berry (Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry), Apple, Cinammon & Rosemary, Choco Haze, Kiwi Strawberry (pictured above), Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry & Grape, Pear & Guava and Mango Cheesecake.  We recommend all of the above (told you we tried many!)

We suggest you find your way to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-sized store on Carter Road and get a taste right away. No special occasion required.



next to Carter’s Blue
Carter Road
Bandra (West),
Mumbai 400050

+91 9833141983

Twitter: @paletaz_mumbai