Even when life in Mumbai was simpler there were some weeks that required chocolate courage for one to get through them. One of my fondest memories of school is leaving it, driving home with my mum and sister and occasionally stopping off at the always-bustling Warden Bakery to pick up a treat – a chocolate ball. It was a perfectly shaped glistening ball of dark chocolate, liquid on the outside, cake-like on the inside. It fit neatly in our hands and we always had to put it back in the box and wait until we reached home before we could eat it. After the school runs stopped Warden Bakery rarely made an appearance in the course of our day-to-day travels around the city and we eventually forgot about the chocolate balls.

Recently I stopped by for pizza bread and there in the display, looking almost exactly the same, were a dozen chocolate balls. I bought six of them and this time there was no stopping until we reached home. Three were finished in the car before we were even half-way there. I am happy to report that they taste exactly the same – and they are excellent. Not too sweet, not too heavy and with a very satisfying texture that makes it impossible to eat just one. The only difference is that they are bigger in size. How is this a bad thing?! Plus, they are ridiculously easy on the wallet (only Rs. 10 when I went last week). The good folk at Warden Bakery deserve a prize for their consistency.

I will give it in the form of money, as I go out of my way to indulge in this treat when a crappy week looks imminent.

Warden Bakery
Taj Building Compound
Gowalia Tank Road
August Kranti Marg
Cumballa Hill

+91 22 2386 1580

Price: Rs. 10/- per piece