To our minds the only way to get through the average Mumbai week is with a steady supply of treats. This past Saturday the rain threatened to shut the city down, it was grey and dour, but we still had to work. A lunch break scan of Mid-Day brought to our attention the Cake In A Jar, a dessert at Nepean Sea Road’s new gourmet store Country Of Origin. We are pleased to report that it was totally worth it to brave the rain for this.

The jar is, to borrow from the old-fashioned ice-cream company parlance, Family Size. The three layers are perfectly balanced for taste. The cream is light and not too sweet, the cookie is crumbly and moist at the same time, and the caramel is the kind that Suzanne Vega would write songs about.

We’re definitely going back for the Red Velvet and Black Forest Jars soon.

Country Of Origin
Next to Tahaa Spa
Nepean Sea Road
Malabar Hill

+91 22 2368 3261

Price: Rs. 585/-