I can’t take three scrolls down my Facebook feed these days without seeing someone’s post of the Kerala Tourism Your Moment is Waiting
video. I have to confess, the excitement surrounding this film completely escaped me and since I’ve never been to ‘God’s Own Country’ I have not been terribly motivated to check it out. Until today.

Now if I understand this correctly, based on my reading of the imagery in the film this is what one can expect to find in Kerala – a post-apocalyptic landscape, scary-thin males in loincloths carrying sticks and walking in a menacing undead manner, a weird Matrix-esque dojo where my woman could be laid down in questionable attire one moment, only for her to find herself semi-awake in a field – where she will immediately curl into a foetal ball.

When she gathers her senses enough to put on a dress and walk through the neighbourhood, she will encounter a man pulling weird faces and gesticulating; when she decides to take a boat ride she will encounter a clone, with whom she will exchange a blank glance.

Then the earlier trauma of waking up in the field will cause her to flail wildly (enough to bring up thoughts about seeking an exorcist) while drummers play a questionable beat and kids watch from the branches and above ground roots of a gnarly old tree. Then she will find herself in another field accompanied by men (women?) in costumes that wouldn’t be out of place for Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in The Cell. She wears another blank expression, and black, while a high-tailed dog wonders what’s going on.

And finally she will fall asleep when her head rests on an elephant’s trunk.

All of this, three minutes of slow tracking shots, is set to some faux Lion King-lite vocals that simply enhances the creeping dread feel of this high gloss spot.

I suppose I could ask one of my Facebook friends whether they think one ‘must see’ this commercial to see how insane advertising has gotten while I was asleep, or whether they actually like this type of stuff.

To be quite honest, I’m a little scared.

What if I contract whatever they’ve got?