Weekend Watching 25.10.14

BREAKFAST IN PARIS on Weekend Watching 221015 on OneSmallWindow.com

We are starting you out with a masterclass in controlled filmmaking.
Then we have two animations, a short fiction piece about the passage of time, a short documentary about an enabler of punk music in Ireland, and a new video showcasing the parallels and differences between two major world cities: Paris and New York.

Weekend Watching 01.03.14

DOUCE MENACE on Weekend Watchign 010314 on OneSmallWindow.com

House gutters, A fresh menace over Paris, an encounter with Death, Waiting out Winter, a cool travel video featuring quirky animation, a surreal tale of familial bonds, and how tragedies in one man's life inspired him to embark upon an unbelievable personal journey... these are the shorts we have featured in today's edition of Weekend Watching.

Weekend Watching 02.11.13

An image from the short film LOLOTTE on Weekend Watching 02112013 on OneSmallWindow.com

Two shorts about girls in cars with their fathers--with radically different outcomes in each one; another short film about an ambitious gymnast; a documentary about the oldest piano shop in Paris; a beautiful animation about physics; two pieces of advertising; a documentary about the most quoted man in news articles; and two short pieces that incorporate light in different ways. That's right, we've got ten short films to see you through this weekend.