Weekend Watching 16.07.16

James Hetfield in BRIONI PRESENTS METALLICA on Weekend Watching 160716 on OneSmallWindow.com

This weekend we have a documentary about a man who has single-handedly built a 52,000 square foot model train set, two gorgeous animated short films that do emotion better than most live action shorts, a music video/documentary hybrid about the skating scene in Atlanta, and a funny promo film for the suiting brand Brioni.

Weekend Watching 05.07.14

ODILE ET MICHEL on Weekend Watching 050714 on OneSmallWindow.com

Three fiction shorts, three documentaries, an animation, and a message film come together in a robust selection. We have one of the best--and most harrowing--shorts we've ever featured in this section, and we've got multiple examples of superlative filmmaking.

Have a great weekend.

Weekend Watching 25.01.14

Image from NOTHING STAYS on Weekend Watching 250114 on OneSmallWindow.com

We're laying it on thick this weekend, with documentaries about a martial artist, and an ice hockey player; an amusing parody of the 'Sundance film'; a very cool example of how a single instrument can sound different in different settings; a piece that mimics the effects of long-exposure photography, and another one that recalls the zoetrope; an efficient piece of short fiction by Danny Sangra; another visually arresting work that works as a great mood piece; and an eye-poppingly cool music video.