I Don’t Have A Thing To Wear Vol.16: June Vellvette Box

The sister and I decided to subscribe to the beauty product samples subscription service Vellvette and our first box/bag arrived yesterday. The idea is simple, for those that aren’t familiar with it – you pay a subscription fee, fill out a beauty questionnaire and at the end of each month you receive a box with 3 surprise product samples tailored to suit your needs. It’s a great idea in theory and we decided to try it out with a three month subscription.
Here’s what was in our first box (which is actually a bag) because June is a travel-special.

1. LA Splash eyeliner in Abyss
2. Just Herbs I’Mint Toning Pack, I’Clear Eye Gel and I’Brite Eye Cream
3. Toni & Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner

The Toni&Guy conditioner was used and it works really well. The other products are reserved for the weekend when we will take the time to use them and assess.

I recognise only one out of the three brand names but I guess this is also an interesting way to find new, lesser known products. Look forward to trying these out. You can learn more about The Vellvette Beauty Box here.


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