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Orange Drive
For everyone who thinks acting, or directing, or filmmaking is hard…try doing it all through the windscreen of a car. This short film showcases a year in the life of the lead character. And the camera doesn’t leave the hood of the car for 99% of the film.

This is good work.

The Sea Lion Ballet
This video really features exactly what the title suggests. And it is beautiful and super soothing to watch. Get in there, and relax. Watch these graceful creatures do their thing and feel your stress melt away.

Slow Motion Photo Booth
There is the wedding video, and there is the photo booth for quirky pictures, but there is nothing quite like the Slow Motion Photo Booth. This thing is an idea whose time has come. Who wouldn’t want to remember their wedding as a fun party?

I was going to post another video by this actor-director duo but I think this short is way cooler.

I am envious and amazed in equal measure by this film.

Bridges and Dragons
I am always impressed by skateboarding videos not necessarily because of the skills of the skateboarders but because the camera itself is so fluid and with the action that I am always wondering what the operator is doing to stay caught up with the performers.

This video was shot in Slovenia and the place as well as the material looks beautiful.