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This is Normal

Every so often a film comes along that redefines what is achievable with the art form, reminds me that ‘everything’ hasn’t been done to death already, and that the power of performance and story working in harmony can be a magical thing. This is Normal is one such film. Drop everything, put on your best headphones, and watch it now. Bravo Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh!

Sony FS7 Test

Filmmaker Jon Cole had fun with the ‘camera test’ film. Employing a hilarious voiceover by Michaela Petro this film is immediately elevated above the usual camera test videos out in the Internet wilds.


I am always surprised–even though I’ve seen it often enough now–by the amount of emotion that can be generated by an animated film. Student filmmakers Brendan Clogher and Christina “Kiki” Manrique, and their team, have done an amazing job with Photographs.

The Kids

Well this was a funny little short that went to surprising places, and featured a celebrity cameo. Nicely done Matt and Oz!


Beautiful-to-look-at animation about originality with a voiceover that combines quotes on the subject by famous people like Pablo Picasso, Jim Jarmusch, Woodrow, Wilson, Lincoln Steffens, Dieter Rams, and Jean Luc Godard.

The Next Black

This is the intro sequence to a documentary about the future of clothing and it is beautiful.