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An image from MENSWEAR DOG on Weekend Watching 301113 on OneSmallWindow.com

Why We Create Music
Beautiful intimate filmmaking. I love it. And I aspire to it.

Grand Mesure
This beautiful animation is an homage to French actor and director Jacques Tati.

Where The Buffalo Roam
This short film is a great demonstration of ‘mood’.

A-Z of Wink!
This is just so funky.

Dystopic science fiction is a genre unto itself now, isn’t it? And it’s also a great way to signal one’s arrival as a filmmaker of note on the ‘calling card’ film circuit.

Beautifully filmed, edited and voiced.

World We Created
When imagination and reality collide, sometimes, bad things happen.

Menswear Dog
His name is Bodhi, he is a style icon, and a hundred percent adorable.

A tribute to a font. Beautifully executed.