The Board

Throwing back to when the angst of teen romance was beautifully captured by Hollywood, The Board is a great example of period filmmaking in the digital age. And it’s funny too.


The New York basketball fans haven’t had anything to celebrate in a long, long time. This short film – starring John Leguizamo and Adam Mucci – is part walk down memory lane and part prayer for a prouder time for Knicks fans.

After The Tone

CalArts student Samantha Maurer’s film calls up the imagery of social interaction in this tale of loss that is haunting in its recreation of heartbreak.

Against Empathy

This film is an animated demonstration of psychologist Paul Bloom’s thoughts on empathy and how we are doing it wrong. And it also offers an alternative approach. All that in a video that runs under 3 minutes.

Dead Ahead

As a piece of filmmaking alone Dead Ahead is very cool, as an animated tribute to the horror genre it rocks ten times more. Nicely done Donal O’Keeffe.