The Art of Richard Thompson

I’m afraid I had no idea about Richard Thompson’s work until I watched this film. It is a long one (by Internet video standards) but stick with it because there is truly beautiful work in there, and the man’s story is simultaneously heart-breaking and inspirational.


The video might be entitled Snooze but it is a very effective wake up call to the fashion film as well as music video industries. So stylish, so elegantly monochrome, and so much fun!

Impact, A Boxer’s Story

Malagamali’i D’hue’s story and struggle is impressive in itself. And I also like the filmmaking style that’s been employed in this video.

In the Studio with Viktor & Rolf

The good people at Nowness are constantly raising the bar in terms of video profiles. This one is another delicious offering.

A Battle for Peace

‘Gorgeous’ seems like a thoroughly inadequate word to describe the animation and imagination on display in this minute-long film.

Phantom Power

The aftermath of a romantic breakup is beautifully illustrated and animated in this music video for Diagrams’ Phantom Power.