A Conversation with Walter Murch

I could listen to Walter Murch all day because the man has forgotten more about sound and film editing than a lot of us will ever learn in one lifetime. This film manages to receive a couple of cool insights from the man, and it employs a couple of clever visual/audio tricks to elevate a basic talking head interview into so much more.


To the untrained eye it might seem like not much is happening in this film, but that central performance by Renée Felice Smith and the cinematography by writer/director Samuel Aaron Bennett comes together to make a film that one simply cannot look away from. Bravo!

Invisible Creature

Beautiful-looking video profiles like this one are staples on Vimeo but that doesn’t take anything away from the work of filmmaker Tim Kellner or his subject Don Clark who runs Invisible Creature design and illustration studio. I love the brand’s logo, their work space, and what little I’ve seen of their work. And I could look at videos like this all day long.

Gunship – Tech Noir

Tech Noir is a cool music video that marries the love of vintage VHS with a fascinating narrative done largely in claymation.