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This short film tells a very slight story. But there is a lot of style on display in the production, and that is why you should check it out.

Secrets from the Recycling Plant
What happens to old bottles and other bits of glass? This short NPR documentary shows us.

Stolen Bike in NYC
Not entirely sure whether this is documentary or fiction, but it is fascinating all the same. And a pretty cool story.

All These Lights
I love a cool timelapse video. And this one is exactly that. On top of that it is a music video–for an act called The Grouch & Eligh. I can imagine it was a lot of hard work to make this but the end result is very enjoyable.

I Killer
The casual cruelty of children is explored in chilling fashion in this short film by Francesco Calabrese. The performances, the period design, the setting…it’s all just fantastic.