TINY WORLDS on Weekend Watching 290314 on OneSmallWindow.com

Tiny Worlds

We are opening this weekend’s selection with an absolutely delightful trio of micro shorts, all of which are in this single video file. This is quality animation, and visual storytelling.


The implication of personal choices is cleverly illustrated in this music video for Beat Assailant’s song Run. Oh and also, this one was shot with a 5D Mk III.

Dark Noir

The artwork of a killer comic book artist named Rafael Grampá becomes a 3D animated short film, and it is awesome.


Very powerful performance by the lead actress Lauren Carse.


Featuring another strong lead performance by an actress, and very cool production – and costume – design, this is a quality example of thoughtful sci-fi.

This Is A Generic Brand Video

This video is a hilarious parody of stock footage-using corporate videos.

Action Movie Kid

This is it, this is the high water mark now for adorable videos of kids. Check one out and I dare you to stop watching.