We’ll Find Something

Shane Carruth–a personal filmmaking hero–and Amy Seimetz co-star in this engrossing short film about two people walking around New York City trying to find something to eat. And why is that tough? You’ll have to watch to find out.


Beautiful cinematography and solid performances are the highlights of this edgy look at a potentially dark by-product of Internet fame. This is a mature video for mature individuals — which means you should (probably) not watch it at work, or around children.

The History of Smelling Good

I love animated timelines/infographics. This one is also voiced by a woman with a cool accent.

The Trial of Barnaby Finch

So this is what filmmaking with a budget looks like.


This gorgeously animated film tells us a little about Albert Einstein’s work in the voice of David Tennant. Pay attention kids!

And finally, how about a horror short to really spice up any plans you might have for a weekend trip?

Arrêt Pipi

A bathroom break goes horribly wrong for a couple on a road trip. This one looks like a horror film from the 70s, right from the setting to the lush colours. Again, not a film to be watched by very young children–you have been warned.