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Glenn Owen Dodds
Confident filmmaking. Sort of omniscient actually. Watch it, and you will know what I mean.

“You have to learn how to succeed,” is what Brandon Todd teaches us in this documentary about a man who was 5’5” and trained hard to be able to dunk a basketball. Epic!

The Mega Plush
Who doesn’t love a good action movie, right? This one features stuffed toys being totally badass.

The folks at the Gobelins school continue to produce work of the highest calibre.

Portrait of a Metal Worker
A beautifully made mini documentary about an independent metal worker who creates functional objects of art.

Rob ‘n’ Ron
The filmmakers are calling it a miniature spaghetti western. It is mega fun though.

As a technical exercise alone, this film is an achievement. It also has a deeply meaningful message.

One Man’s Loss
This is a total wish fulfillment movie.