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The Gunfighter

A funny short film set in the cowboy era wherein the people inside a saloon interact with a disembodied voice (Nick Offerman)–you have to see it to understand what’s going on.

Les mots de la carpe

Je comprends un peu le français but this animated short is beautiful to look at and fairly easy to understand for those of us that don’t speak the language.

9 Minutes

Featuring stellar performances by a canine named Jett and a human named Joshua Leonard, this atmospheric short film has a great sense of mood, setting and well…you should just see for yourself.

11 Paper Place

One can never truly tire of gorgeous animation and this one is just so beautiful to look at. Amazing character design, pretty music, and a nice little story of life.

What’s on your mind?

So someone — Shaun Higton to be precise — made the short film about Facebook envy and it is brilliant. Go ahead, admit it, you know what this feels like.

11 Minutes

This is dark, stylish filmmaking. Violent too, so if you’re too young or easily disturbed, this one might not be for you.

Follow Your Fears

Brad O’Neal attempts something pretty crazy, and this short documentary shows us the how, the why, and the where. Powerful stuff.