Leonard in Slow Motion

You know how, sometimes, you feel like you’re the only one moving in slow motion while the world zips by? Yeah, that’s Leonard’s life, and this is an awesome idea for a short film.

The Leviathan

When a proof of concept video is this good, it is just a full on no-brainer that major Hollywood studios will come calling for the feature length version. It appears that Simon Kinberg (X-Men franchise) and Neill Blomkamp will help bring Ruairi Robinson’s vision to feature-length realisation.


Have you ever wondered what a sci-fi fever dream might look like? This short film by Mischa Rozema might well be the answer. Another ambitious proof-of-concept short that touches upon ideas similar to The Matrix and other ‘what is reality’ movies.

The Heist

Cannot remember the last time I watched a good heist comedy. This one will do very nicely, thank you very much.

The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete

What happens in a showdown between a crusty sheriff and an outlaw? You’ll just have to watch this animated short to find out.