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The first short film in today’s selection rivals any feature film your are likely to see in a theatre (in terms of storytelling and production quality) and that is just the beginning of a fairly epic selection of shorts.

The Candidate

Yes that is a daunting run time. But I promise you, you will not notice the minutes ticking away as this intimidatingly assured piece of filmmaking unspools. Do yourself a favour, watch it twice!

Tumbleweed Tango
This short film gets a million points for imagination! Utterly, delightfully, beautiful!

The making of a Steinway
This is kind of a nerdy documentary but it really is very cool to see how the pianos are made. And it is super cool that this modern documentary carries a voiceover from a much older film.

[ We found this video thanks to kottke.org ]

I don’t know what they feed their students at Supinfocom but they keep making graduation films of such beauty I cannot find the words to express my awe for them. Here is another one. Enjoy!

The Pixel Painter
Should you laugh, should you cry, should you reach out and give Grandpa a hug? I don’t know. But I do know that you should watch this beautiful documentary about a 97-year-old artist who is more vital than a lot of people you will meet today.

Life on Moss
I was blown away by the design, camerawork and content in this film. Featuring soaring music, and the goings-on on a very tiny level, it was surprisingly soothing to watch tiny creatures go about their lives.

And the fact that all of this was achieved indoors was just another level of awesome. So watch the video and then go here to check out pictures of filmmaker Boris Godfroid’s studio setup.

One Last Dive
This is not a long film but it is so very effective.