Death is guaranteed to all who are born. Even so, I resisted watching this video for a long time after it started appearing on my various timelines.

There is no denying that this is a beautifully made film, that Denali was an amazing example of Man’s Best Friend, and that life is hard. Be prepared to cry a little (or a lot) while watching this one.

Falling Lessons: Erasure One

This is a film based on a poem by Beth Copeland about her experience with the onset of her dad’s Alzheimer’s Disease. Beautifully lensed and edited example of art trying to make sense of an experience that cannot possibly be anything other than totally shattering.

Chaz Bundick: Sketch to Screen

Beautiful colours, clever editing, and cool sound design make this a fun video to (re)watch.

The Exorcist

As advertising goes, this is very very cool.

Skating in Sweden

I love the versions of the great outdoors I see on Vimeo. This is a fantastic example of that magical place I have never been to.