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I am envious of anyone who achieves realistic-looking sci-fi environments. I don’t know what combination of CGI and practical effects were used in the making of this film but I love the way it looks.

Legend of Damocles
There is gory imagery in this cinematic for a video game. But that faint warning aside, I cannot get over how beautiful this style of animation looks. Impressionistic and impressive.

Bleak but powerful filmmaking about the status of the individual when nations fight wars.

Early Paris Thoughts
I am a big fan of ‘found footage’ filmmaking, and while I am aware that the filmmaker shot all this material himself, it is in the thought-titling that he has made this a unique piece of art.

Geology of Shoes
A process video that details the steps in making a pair of handcrafted shoes. Beautiful.

Too Late
For the second week in a row I am featuring a short film by Rani Naamani in this section. I chanced upon it totally by accident, but it is really cool. And appropriate for Halloween.

Happy Meal Horror
And sticking with the Halloween-theme, here is an animated short.

We’ve had time-slice filmmaking for so long now it really shouldn’t be impressive to see another application of the technique, and yet, there is something about this commercial that is worth checking out, and appreciating.