This video is hypnotic in its visuals as well as sound design. Very cool.


We have seen examples of the Video Portrait of a Pretty Girl with a French Voiceover before. But I really like it when it is done as effortlessly as this one.

Stuff that Sounds like Summer

Here is another video made by fragmento universo – the folks responsible for Portrait because it is so pretty to look at, and features very nice sound design.

Paris Rouge

What happens when you take the idea of Cold War Germany, infuse some revisionist history, garnish with Pacific Rim-style tech, and serve it up as a dark tale about escaping oppression. Paris Rouge is an ambitious short film that achieves a lot within its run time.

Just The One Of Us

A man tracks down his doppelgänger and both men gain interesting perspectives about their respective lives. This is a clever and human short film written and directed by Paul Trillo.

Le petit cordonnier

The character design is pretty, each of the little shoes ‘acts’ very well, and it is just a sweet little story of the little guy getting back at the big bad super slick challenger.