My Brother

This beautifully animated short is a tribute to migrant workers around the world.
Nice work Audrey and Andrew Yeo.

1500 Words

Stanley finds out he has 1500 Words left to live. What do you think he does with them?

The Mill Blackbird

Even understanding how this product works, and how it can be employed in people’s work is mind-boggling. But a major effects house saw fit to spend hundreds upon hundreds (maybe even thousands) of man hours to make this project a reality. So obviously certain professionals are operating at a way higher level of project awareness than the rest of us.

Watch the video to understand how this device could change the future of car commercials forever.


Simple-seeming style of animation used to tell a thought-provoking story.

Falling Tide

This is a beautiful and intense short film by CalArts student Ning Cheng.