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It’s Not About The Nail
This is incisive storytelling in a tidy package. Nicely shot, very effectively acted, and hey it might even give you a little headache of your own, by the power of suggestion!

Watchtower of Morocco
As an example of editing that conveys the hustle and bustle of a city, this piece just rocks.

Beeline Tricky Dog
An awesome stop motion commercial that features very cute (and well-trained) dogs .

And as an added bonus, extra ‘cute’ from the ‘behind the scenes’ video from the making of the commercial.

Lorde – Royals
This is a music video. For a singer from New Zealand who is all of fifteen years old. I like music videos that explore the ennui of small town living. This one does a great job of setting up a world that seems vaguely familiar and simultaneously alien. And I kinda like the song.

Conversation in a cab with Larry Clark
Larry Clark is a divisive and controversial photographer and filmmaker. His directorial debut Kids changed my life because it was one of the movies that inspired me to consider a career in movies. This short interview is fascinating because it does so much with so little.