The Alchemist’s Letter

Narrated by John Hurt, The Alchemist’s Letter is a beautiful-looking animated short that reminds us–because no matter how often we hear it, we seem to forget–what is the most important thing in life.

Texting Hat

This is a fashion accessory whose time has definitely come.

The Beard

This film tells a tidy little story, and uses a cool special effect. Also illustrates that it is possible to make a short film without your characters ever leaving the couch.

5 mètres 80

How is this for photorealistic animation and quietly hypnotic choreography? Nicolas Deveaux’s team took a year and a half to make this piece and the effort is beautifully realised. Bravo!


Beautifully curated moments featuring the people and sights of New York City in this collaborative cinematography film by Tim Sessler and Cameron Michael.

Wire Dining Chair by Overgaard & Dyrman

This chair probably costs more than all the furniture I own but that doesn’t prevent me from coveting it from afar. Nicely made film about a handsome-looking piece of furniture.

How Old is She?!

Ever wondered how old someone was? The folks at Wong Fu Productions made this very funny short exploring that idea.