Answering Machine ’93

This super cute animation is animator Cameron Hicks’s effort to memorialise the family’s answering machine message since 1993 until they got rid of the landline at his parents’ home a few years ago. What a great way to store a memory.

The Crossing

From the cuteness overload of the previous film we come to The Crossing which is a very effective horror film with some convincing special effects.

Black Holes

The animation is beautiful to look at, the character designs are full of character, and the narrative is mind-bending enough to require repeat viewing.

Vogue Japan – Longboard

I love a good fashion film. And this one features beautiful design and an impressive set of move by Korean longboarder Hyojoo.

Tie The Knot

Speaking of fashion films–this one is for Hermes–here is how you do an entire narrative in a studio with an infinite white wall.

Campari – Ice Ramp

And when I went exploring through the work of Lernert & Sander (the ones who made the Hermes fashion film linked above) I found this beauty. How to Drink a Campari indeed.


Short and (bitter) sweet animation about a balloon that breaks free.