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Nothing Stays
I love hyper-kinetic editing that works with words and sound design to help the audience ‘feel’ a story.

The WikiDrummer
This is just cool, but in case you’re wondering, this video is about what a drum sounds like when it is played in different ‘rooms’ or locations.

The filmmakers claim that no reverb has been added to the recording so check out how much difference the location makes.

In Motion
We’ve seen many, many great examples of the timelapse. This film is something different. from material captured in Tokyo, Japan, filmmaker Aaron Grimes has converted regular footage into long-exposure imagery that really lends a poetic sense of ephemerality to a person’s presence in a place. Check it out, and then play it again.

Boggie – Nouveau Parfum
Whether you see this music video as another pointer of the evils of ‘retouching’ in post-production, or just another example of how-the-hell-did-they-do-that, there is no denying that this video warrants a second watch the moment you’ve been through it once.

Wheel of Life
i am not entirely sure how they did this, but I know painstaking work was involved. And it looks beautiful.

Not Another Sundance Movie
A funny take on (but also possibly a guide to) the Sundance movie.

Adam Garber
Mr. Sangra (read our interview with him here) does it again. This level of effortlessness should really not be allowed.

A short documentary profile of a female player on a male ice hockey team.
She seems cool, and this film looks great.

The Art of Fighting
Hussain Sadiqi has nurtured a dream for over twenty years: the dream of one day working in Hollywood action pictures like the ones Bruce Lee was famous for. This is his story.
Beautifully filmed, edited, and scored.