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Russian Roulette

This is such a clever low budget short film it makes me want to cry, especially after I watched filmmaker Ben Aston explain how they made the film. Brilliant work.

Check out the very cool Behind The Scenes video for this short film.

Elegant Strength

There are the usual tried and tested ways of promoting tourism to a city. And then there is this film. Tell me you don’t want to go to Vilnius, Lithuania and track down these amazing street gymnasts after seeing what they can do.

The Last Memory

Beautiful, gut-wrenching, and utterly haunting. This is the story of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise.

Dead End

Beautiful animation, amazing colour palette and just the right amount of gore. This is a fun short film.

WARNING: This is definitely not animation for little kids.

Jamaica – Two on Two

You really don’t get to call yourself anything’s ‘biggest fan’ until you take it to the extreme like the main character in this music video. Utterly bonkers.

Living Moments

This time slice effect achieved with 50 Nokia Lumia phones arranged in a custom rig is really pretty cool. The soundtrack takes the execution to a different level.

BE WARNED THOUGH: If you stare at if for too long, you might get a little dizzy.