Filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis–whom we interviewed last year–is back with a new animated short film that serves as a beautifully told cautionary tale. While it is powerful storytelling and very pretty to look at I find that the handheld-seeming virtual camera he employs to capture the shots and scenes really works wonders towards adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative. Beautiful work.

The Rescued Film Project

What the Rescued Film project is doing is cool in and of itself but this short film is so awesome it gave us goosebumps while we were watching.

Suburban King/Top-Girl

The human pyramids that participate in the festival of Dahi Handi get the superstar treatment in this beautifully filmed and edited documentary/music video. Featuring the music of Donn Bhatt this one looks like a lot of work went into the whole enterprise. Much respect!

A Fistful of Wolves

It has been a while since we’ve seen a Danny Sangra film and he’s back with a bit of fun work he did for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. So here you go: Mr. Sangra’s take on fashion films.


If you have lived even a little you’ve probably forgotten a lot. Here is an animated short film that reminds us of the things, or the types of things, we’ve already forgotten.

2014 Year in Review

This is a beautifully made short film, possessing a real sting in its tale.

The Rescued Film Project