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Security Questions
This could happen. Right?

She’s A Fox
Eighties nostalgia in short film form. The leading man turns in a very cool performance.

Codfish & Cyanide
This is delicious and achievable storytelling. A lesson for all aspiring filmmakers who wish to make a contained short and don’t know how to go about doing so.

Why I Ride
This is stylish filmmaking. And it makes a powerful case for motorcycle riding.

The MoBro’s Guide to Small Talk…in Finland
Sweet animation with a useful message.

River Island – Autumn Winter 2013
This film for online retailer River Island has fun with cinematography, editing and sound design.

Jingle Hoops
Christmas ads have already begun. And they can be fun. Like this one right here.

Cartier Winter Tale
On many levels this is too commercial to be allowed but that cute little CGI leopard cub makes it all worthwhile. Sigh.

This is an excellent piece of self-promotion work, and a deeply relevant critique of the smartphone-wielding culture we are increasingly part of.