Alan Rickman in DUST on Weekend Watching 230814 on


When a recognizable actor agrees to be in a short film it is often a sign that the short film is going to be something special. Dust is no different. Featuring Alan Rickman–that’s right Hans Gruber, and Professor Snape himself–along with Jodie Whittaker (who was very cool in Attack The Block), this is a nearly dialogue-free short that spins a marvellous yarn.

Everybody In: La Femme

Everybody In is a video series produced by a magazine called Monster Children and this episode features the French band La Femme. I thoroughly enjoyed the way this video was put together.

Handle With Care

A useful guide with a sense of humour. You gotta love it!


Powerful filmmaking, and a thoroughly effective performance by Den Kamenev as the central character.

Henchmen (teaser)

Apparently this short film has been optioned to receive feature length treatment. I am not surprised at all because the execution here is undeniable.

Beehive Distilling

I love how this film has been made, and the way it looks. Just beautiful.

The Moment Before

I like films about possibilities; this one is very well made.