Rest Stop

Nicely done piece of comedy by director Kate Herron and writer Monica Heisey. Ben Willbond and Cari Leslie do a good job of selling their characters. Good stuff all around.

Alone in Paris

I couldn’t help thinking – as I watched the early parts of this video that it would be a dream to film the monuments of Paris without anybody else interrupting the frame. That filmmaker Matthieu Stern spent months erasing everyone else in each frame to achieve this effect is too impressive for words. And it took that amount of work to deliver the message he intended. Very nicely done.


New York and Paris are siblings on many levels and this animated short set in the Big Apple is a oddly symmetrical companion to Alone in Paris featured above. The film offers a hypnotic look at vegetation taking over one of the cities that never sleeps and it is simultaneously impressive and scary. This is a graduation short film from Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Girl on the Escalator

A Charles Bukowski poem comes to life in this gorgeous film made by Brazilian filmmaker Kayhan Lannes Ozmen.
WARNING: Not (exactly) Safe For Work, Or Young Children.

A Song For Your Mixtape

Writer/director Brandon Zuck delivers a gut punch in this beautiful example of filmmaking that also tells an important story. The narration hits hard in all the right places, and that slow motion imagery (props to cinematographer John Wakayama Carey) really underscores the mental state of the lead character.

WARNING: Mature themes. Viewer Discretion is advised.


Playing a bit like the famous city folding scene from Inception, and also incorporating the vertigo effect from the movie Vertigo this film, which is essentially a supercut of drone footage taken around New York City, is both hypnotic and slightly nausea-inducing.

You Have Been Warned.