Branded Dreams

This is a clever video almost to the point of being an inception. Think we’ll see the brand in question in our dreams now? And if we do, shouldn’t Studio Smack win all advertising awards until eternity?

The John

Experimentation is all well and good but y’know…Buyer Beware! Also, it’s not exactly NSFW but don’t watch this anywhere you could get asked awkward questions about what’s on your screen.


Filmmaker Joe Sill and team have done a good job with this Star Wars fan film.

A Seat At The Table

Beautifully filmed and edited contrast between meal time in two households.

NYC Gifathon

Animator James Curran spent a month in New York in November 2015 and every day he produced a GIF inspired by something that happened to him while he was in the Big Apple. It is fascinating to watch this compilation and imagine what each looping GIF would be like.

How to tie a Bow-Tie

Apart from the fact that this is really useful information, I have no idea how this video was made but it is really, really cool.