One Morning in Italy

This was a lot of fun to watch. Bravo Oscar Boyson!


It is amazing how emotionally resonant this simple looking animation about a spaceship’s quest for a habitable planet really is. Amazing design and animation work together to form something truly beautiful to look at.

Cellphones Have Made People Flaky as #%@*

This is a very nicely made film by Alex Cornell. Love the design and execution on this very true idea. Most of us know someone that fits this description. Think you don’t? Then it’s probably you.

Light Motif

Watch this video in fullscreen mode with the lights turned low and the music playing off good speakers or headphones. Allow the music and the visuals to wash over you and just luxuriate in the sensations.


What happens when doubles of everything, animate and inanimate, start appearing all over the world? Great idea, cool short film.

WARNING: Not Safe For Work (or Young Children).