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A Man Who Delivers
This is such a surreal narrative. I just had to share it. It’s almost as if one can take whatever one wants from the film if one doesn’t read what it is about. And yet, it is clearly telling a very definite story. Also, it is a documentary.

This animated short is exactly what you think it will be, and much, much more.

Asian Gangs
So this is a documentary. And it is also a comedy. See if you can wrap your head around that idea for a little while.

Why do we do it in the Road?
A famous zebra crossing gets its own short documentary. You know which one I’m talking about don’t you?

Excellent character design, beautiful colours, and a tidy little story. This is the type of animation I love.

Meet Me Halfway
So this is a short film inspired by a piece of music and it is quite impressive what the filmmaker has been able to achieve with just imagery.

The Runaway
You will need to watch this short film twice (at least), once to follow all that is being said, and another time to see it all unfold. It has won 77 awards from 200 festival selections. No surprise there at all.