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Loud Like Love

Anybody nurturing the belief that the music video is a stagnant art-form need only lay eyes on this 8-something minute masterpiece by Saman Kesh, for Placebo, to be proven wrong. This is awesome on so many different levels!

Fallin’ Floyd

I have two words after watching this piece of animation: Oh, and Wow. Please watch the film all the way through, it really is quite a triumph of style, emotion, and design.

Superman with a GoPro

I have no idea how they did all this awesome stuff but I am impressed, and envious.

Lights Out

This is a very effective little horror short. You have been warned!


A love story, and then some. I quite enjoyed the stylistic flourishes on display.


Beautifully filmed and edited piece about buskers in the New York City subways.
WARNING: Contains some impolite language.

Wes Anderson – Centered

Cool visual essay about the filmmaker’s penchant for centered framing in his movies.